I’m not sure exactly what I accomplished. It’s been so strange this first year. I studied and learned a lot more about Japan however. And I got to actually plan my trip. Next year, I just want to continue to work hard before departure. I don’t have anything specific in mind yet, but I’ll get there.


GOAL 5/10

The closer we get to the end of the year, the more I feel I’m wearing down. I’d like the break, honestly. There’s still so much to do though. As for my goal, I’ve talked to Fetters-sensei about my plans with Japanese for next year. I received a text book and a login to the online lessions, so it looks like. i’ll be able to study over the summer. I’ll keep up with what I was doing already, but I’m glad to make progress. I’ll keep you updated.

GOAL 4/25/14

Time goes so fast! I’ve been using memrise to learn new words in Japanese. I haven’t memorized characters so fast before! I also met with the teacher in the Japanese classroom for the first time. I think I’ll email her to arrange something. I got my application in, so that’s finished. I might start writing scholarship essays in advance based off the informated up from the last opening for them. I’m gonna work my hardest! The blog I’ll use in Japan is located at

Righteously On Time GOAL Update 4/3

I’m so glad this isn’t late! Recently I’ve been preparing for midterms. I have a performance next week in theater arts and a full length practice tomorrow. At first it stressed me, but I think I can do it. Any grade is better than nothing on it, right? I also take a midterm in civics tomorrow. I hope to go to Gifted tomorrow but I’m not sure I can make it with these tests going on. Maybe I’ll go up ACP. On the bright side, I’m learning new vocabulary. I know now that kore is this and sore is that. I also know “gochisousama deshita” finally, I could never remember it. I’m going to keep working on words. I’d love to pick up a good translation dictionary for later.

GOAL Update 3/25/14

I think I keep missing weeks. I have a lot of projects to do, aswell as a final of sorts coming up, so I’ve been busy. That doesn’t mean I’m not working. I’ve been looking at vocabulary to know and Memrise for useful things in Japanese. Also, we took the SRI. I got 1700+ for my score, so I’m feeling good. I also have some great grades. Hopefully that’s a boost to my scholarship odds.

GOAL Update Late 3/7/14

Classes feel so busy! I’ve toughed out a few projects and presentations, but something is taking the cake- Theater Arts. I learned that I really dislike doing improv. I can’t tell how long this unit is, but it’s not looking like it’ll stop soon. I was shaking before it was my turn last time, which we didn’t even get to. I like watching it reasonably enough, but I’m pretty terrified to do it. It’s just not fun for me because there’s no way to prepare. My dislike of it is enough to make me wonder if I should change my strand and drop the acting classes next year if this is such a big part of them. I’m just not sure what to do. In other news, I’m going to work on whatever I learn in Japanese I. I want to learn a lot of verbs in upcoming times because they’re super useful. We’ll see what happens on both fronts, O suppose. Shouganai desu ne.

GOAL Update 2/21/14

This isn’t a late post at all, what are you talking about? I’ve been working on my Japanese language study as usual. I’ve actually been borrowing my friend’s textbook from Japanese class over the weekends to see what’s in it. Since the classes are pretty small, I wonder if the Japanese teacher actually has a spare I could use? I don’t know if she wants me teaching myself the material it’s her job to teach, though. I just want to improve as quickly as possible! I’ve started my application for the abroad process, which is taking up a bit of my time now. Lots of paperwork just came in to me. At least I get to work on my writing in Theater Arts and for my application essays, so I promise I’m not being entirely absorbed in everything else. Until next time!

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